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Volante tie


Combining centuries-old, Italian craftsmanship with a modern sensibility and commitment to sustainability, BRAM reinvents the traditional necktie. Our limited-edition ties and scarves are designed and crafted on the shores of Lake Como, and worn and enjoyed by discerning men and women all over the world. 


The BRAM story began in 2014. College graduates Bruno Rezzonico and Andrea Menicatti had recently entered the professional world and were disappointed to discover that business attire was treated like an obligation, and ties merely a (usually subdued) part of the uniform. They set out to change that, founding a completely unique necktie brand and naming it BRAM, after their combined initials.


Here at BRAM we consider the tie as an expression of personal style, not assimilation. A welcome departure from ubiquity, our designs are distinguished by handpicked vintage fabrics, eye-catching prints and unexpected detailing. From the classic Cappuccio and the casual, unlined Sfoderato, to the artfully layered Volante, each tie is a work of art, a joy to wear and collect.


By unearthing special, never-used silk, wool and lace from vintage archives, we are able to craft our ties without harming the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is in our DNA; BRAM is the evolution of a family-run, necktie business that has always repurposed and reimagined offcuts, rather than contributing to the production of new materials.  Because of the rarity of these fabrics and prints, each piece is highly limited-edition – and in many cases, one of a kind.


The history, tradition, manual techniques and the sense of beauty of the ancient Como textile district are expressed in the careful choice of materials and in the details that are hidden in every BRAM tie. Traditional tipping is replaced by precious satins, chiffon and lace in bright shades and vivid patterns, complemented by the colour of the hand embroidery – your sartorial secret, or one to be revealed as the tie moves with you.


There are no rules when it comes to when and how you style your BRAM tie. Wear it in the traditional way, knotted at the waist with a dress or blouse, or looped around the handle of a favourite bag. Take it out for dinner and away for the weekend, not just to work or for special occasions. BRAM will bring a touch of the extraordinary to the everyday.

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