Firstly conceived on the shore of Lake Como, Bram ties represent a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic and centuries-old man's accessory. The story, the tradition, the manual techniques and the acute sense of beauty of the Como's textile district come to life in the deliberate choice of materials and in those unexpected details that every Bram tie conceals. On the other hand, the inspiration comes from a multi-cultural, fluid world where being is more important than having.

Bram ties are then a distinctive, fun, yet classic element which can be used daily at or off work. The awareness of the tie's story, its uniqueness, the pleasure of caressing its composition, the optimism for a more humane future are the reasons to choose Bram.

You will never have a second first impression.


When two college graduates in their early twenties approach the professional world, they perceive a very standardized atmosphere where business attire is felt almost like an obligation. In this context, instead of being a personal and distinctive accessory, the tie becomes bland and tedious; an element that tries to dull men’s sophistication.

It emerges then the idea of bringing back the attention to what can increase personal pleasure: something that is worn to feel better, a combination of subtle details that gratify the discrete expression of the individual.

The growing desire of uniqueness instills in Bruno and Andrea the determination to craft ties out of a most passionate exploration of unusual fabrics which, combined with a fortuitous sophistication, become an extremely limited and inevitably original production.